If applicable, please follow your Doctor's instructions regarding fasting and management of your usual medications. We ask that you bring all medication, including vitamins and supplements you are currently taking, in the original dispensed packaging with repeat authority/prescriptions and give these to the nursing staff on admission.

It is very helpful if you can provide a typed list of current medications from your GP. Knowing what medications you are taking is important information for people caring for you during your hospital stay.

On the day of your admission, please present to the reception desk located close to the main entrance of the hospital. After you have been registered, you will be transferred to an appropriate admission area. In some cases you may be admitted directly to your room.

If you are being admitted for a surgical procedure, you may meet with your Anaesthetist and be prepared for your surgery. After this, you will go to the operating theatre.

Please remember to wear comfortable clothing and shoes, and to keep jewellery to a minimum. We recommend not bringing any valuables to hospital with you.

If you are undergoing a day procedure, you must have a responsible adult accompany you home and stay with you overnight after discharge. We will be able to advise you at the time of admission of the approximate time that you will be ready to leave the hospital.

If you are an overnight patient, your expected discharge date and time will be discussed with you during your stay.

Visitors please consider the need to visit. As an alternative we encourage you to call loved ones directly via the hospital's switchboard number or direct room number instead.

If you need to visit a patient you'll be required to complete our Covid-19 Screening on each visit and before entering the Hospital.
Please click here: COVID-19 Screening

Have your screening information ready for display on your phone as you enter the hospital.

To help keep our hospital safe you will be required to complete our Covid-19 Screening on each visit before entering the site.
Please click here: COVID-19 Screening

Have your screening information ready for display on your phone as you enter the hospital.

When you come in to our facility, you might notice some things that are a bit different to what you might normally expect.

We're currently taking extra precautions to keep our patients, visitors and staff safe from coronavirus.

This means that during your stay, you might see our staff working in different ways such as:

  • wearing extra protective equipment more often
  • limiting how many staff and visitors come to your room
  • changing the hospital and clinic environment to maintain social distancing
  • wiping down surfaces more often.

No matter who you see from our team while you're here, it's important to know that they are all trained and ready to help you - and all of us - stay safe.

We look forward to seeing you.

If you have any further questions, please contact the hospital reception

Flying Kites

This is a quick and easy app for family and friends to track the progress of a patient during their stay in a Healthscope Private Hospital. The app provides updates on location through theatre, recovery and the patient's return to the ward. The ward name, room number and in some cases the phone extension number are included in the information displayed. If there is a change of wards and/or rooms during the hospital stay, Patient Finder will display the updated location.

Patient Admission Status

The following list shows general Patient Admission Statuses displayed in this system:

(1) Pre-Admission
(2) Admitted to Hospital
(3) Transferred to Room
(4) On Leave from Hospital
(5) Returned to Room
(6) Discharged from Hospital

Patient Theatre Status

If the hospital admission requires a visit to Theatre, the following statuses are indicative of the status progression displayed by this system, but may vary depending on the nature of the admission:

(1) Awaiting Theatre
(2) In Theatre receiving Anaesthetic
(3) In Theatre
(4) In ICU; or
(5) In Theatre Recovery (await further notice)
(6) Ready to Exit Theatre
(7) Exited Theatre

Visitor & Phone Status

Please note: If a patient requires rest, a Visitor Status and/or Phone Status will be displayed indicating the patient is unavailable, regardless of the general hospital Visiting Hours.


Please note: It is the responsibility of the patient to provide the Patient Finder link and patient admission number to their families and friends. Healthscope Hospitals take no responsibility for the distribution of the Patient Finder link or patient admission number to anyone that is not the admitted patient. Every effort is made to keep a patients status up to date, however at times there may be delays to accommodate for a patients movement throughout the hospital.

If you have any queries regarding this admission or would like to speak to a Clinical Staff Member, please contact the Hospital Directly on